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Health Advocacy is support for those who are experiencing a medical or health challenge.  At Health Advocate Services we help put together the puzzle of the healthcare and health insurance system. We can work with the entire spectrum of services and professionals that are part of the patient’s associated health event(s). This might include physicians, therapists, insurance companies, employers, case managers, lawyers, and others who may have an effect on a patient’s healthcare needs.

We focus on two main areas: healthcare diagnosis and treatment and all aspects of health insurance. Each of these can cause stress and can become central to a client’s wellbeing.

Introducing Ellen Abisch, MSRN, President

My expertise is helping others define, communicate and meet their healthcare and treatment goals while making sure the mechanics of getting effective, quality and cost manageable care is as smooth as possible.


I was trained as a nurse with a professional career establishing and managing health and health insurance programs that are effective, accessible and meet the patients’ healthcare needs.


That experience has demonstrated that when people are ill it is difficult to do it alone and that during times of feeling poorly, even the little things matter. Despite all the efforts to minimize errors and improve treatment, errors occur too often.  Poor communication and not following treatment recommendations are common, often with devastating consequences.

At Health Advocate Services we offer an ally who can provide an extra set of ears, can ask the right questions and understands the complexities of the medical system, enables the patient and their loved ones to feel better faster, and enables a better outcome and better experiences.

Call or email us and let us help you with your medical experience and to put together the puzzling health insurance process.  We will be on your side as your healthcare advocate.

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