Our services are available to help you or loved ones optimize their health and to meet personal health goals. We facilitate the journey every step of the way in all healthcare settings. Health Advocate Services provides the full range of health advocacy services that enables, empowers and supports the patients to reach their healthcare and insurance goals.

Health Support

  • Helping to clarify personal goals and values so that health and medical care choices align with them.
  • Provide research and education about your diagnosis and treatment options (including clinical trials)
  • Identifying doctors, physical therapists, at-home nursing care, assisted living facilities and nursing homes
  • Accompany you to medical appointments and/or the emergency room.
  • Monitoring hospital stays and interfacing with the medical team to understand the diagnosis, testing and treatment plans
  • Connect with healthcare providers to help understand medical condition, treatment options and next steps
  • Coordinate care among all physicians and healthcare providers that are treating the patient
  • Aiding in preparing of questions to ask health care providers.
  • Assistance in making informed medical decisions after considering the options that are available.
  • Organizing medical records to better facilitate intelligent medical decisions
  • Maintaining a current list of medication and performing ongoing medication reconciliation to minimize the risks of error.
  • Providing help with in transition from hospital to home or alternative sites of care or from independent to dependent care
  • Provide ongoing health/service monitoring in the home or alternative living facility

Insurance Navigation

  • Evaluating and organizing medical bills/insurance claims
  • Analyze your medical bills to determine if there are ways to reduce your financial obligations
  • Assess any monies owed by or to the patient
  • Assistance with filing and tracking medical bills and payments
  • Negotiating disputes, claim denials, appeals and collection
  • Selecting the right health insurance plan
  • Providing ongoing management, reconciliation, payment of medical and insurance bills