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Read what clients are saying about our services

Thanks so much to Ellen Abisch for giving me peace of mind, saving me money and allowing me to better deal with my illness through better coordination of care.  She helped my focus on ways to appropriately reduce unnecessary medical care and save significant monthly charges in the process. By attending a doctor’s appointment, she repeatedly, yet gently urged the provider to give me specific medication instructions so that I would get more sleep and reduce painful symptoms.  I would highly recommend using Health Advocate Services when the medical care and or medical insurance situation becomes overwhelming or confusing.  Christine P

When I became eligible for Medicare I got totally confused with many the options that were available making it difficult to know what direction to take. Health Advocate Services helped my understand the ways that a supplemental plan coordinates with traditional Medicare and enabled my to chose the most cost effective plan, with special attention to my medications, making sure that they were covered and would be affordable. I definitely rest easier knowing that my medical expenses and medications will be paid for (and at the best price). Many thanks to Ellen Abisch - Elaine S

After my heart attack, I was scared, alone and left with many unanswered questions about my recovery. I had not been appropriately coached about my diagnosis, the cause of my heart attack and the appropriate level of activity for my status.  Ellen remotely attended my follow up doctors appointment via phone and together we asked many questions that gave me a much better feel about my recovery and how to ease back to my new normal.  Subsequently she helped me find the best doctors for me and my health conditions. Everyone should have an Ellen on their side when they get sick. Roger G.

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